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DAW: Mac-Pro Logic Pro 9 Universal Audio UAD-2 PlugIns: Lexicon 244, Urei 1176 LN, 1176SE , Pultec, Shadowhill Compressor,  UAD Precision Series, UAD Room- Simulator, UAD-Mastering-Tools, M-Audio Keystation 61es Masterkeyboard with semi-weighted Keys, PlugIn-Instruments: Lounge-Lizard E-Piano, Symmetrics Stylus Drums, Symmetrics Atmosphere, MOTU Ethno2, East-West StormDrums2, Komplete Elements, Siedlacek Orchestra, large library of loops and samples.

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Analogue Vintage keys by Roland, Akai, EMU
Yamaha. KRK K-Roc (USA) Monitors with Tannoy Subwoofer. PC-Speakers, Ghetto-Blaster, Cheap HiFi-Set. Headphones by Audio-Technica und AKG. Effects and externals: Lexicon, TC-Electronic, SPL, DBX. Tube-type equipment by TL-Audio und DBX.
One of the best tube-type vocal microphones ever: Neumann M147.
More mikes by AKG,  Sennheiser, SHURE, Audio-Technica, Beyer, Ramsa, Pearl.



SONY DMX-R100 Digital Production Console:
56 channels, 6-stage full-parametric “Oxford” EQ per channel, compressor / gate with variable "knee" per channel, dynamic and "snapshot" automation,  total-recall for all parameters, internal digital routing-matrix,
surround- and 96kHz-able etc.
And  most important: It sounds terrific!

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Fender Stratocaster Texas Special
Fender Telecaster Deluxe Nashville-Model
Gibson LesPaul Studio
Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass Signature
Ibanez Roadstar II Schecter-Style Strat
Fender Precision-Bass Black Label Series
Taylor 210 Dreadnaught Western Guitar
Ibanez Concord with Nashville-Tuning
Takamine Concert Guitar,
H.Sagavia Flamenco-Guitar
Santander Resonator Dobro
Fender Flat-Bottom Mandolin; Aria Mandolin