On this page I will present my videos - partly the ones I made myself and partly others that I was involved in. You will also find them on youtube.

"BEHIND THE VEILS OF GREEN"   No Jardim Do Mágico - In the Magician's Garden
This is the first video from my project "CIDADE - A Tribute To Lisbon". I want to express the complex impressions and inspirations that this place, its people, its poets and its music are giving me. It was filmed mostly at the Jardim da Estrela - a wonderful public park in Lisbon.
To me Lisbon is far more than a city - it's a state of mind....

Here comes "Listen To Me" with singer Ute Schönherr. I wrote and produced this song for her, and when we finally made the video, she asked me to be in it. So I also played "visibly" the alto-saxophone and guitar that I played in the recording. I like the honesty and seriousity in the way Ute performs this title.  I recently finished another album with her.


This is "Poet und Poesiet"  a video of my good friend Peter Horton. He is one of the most important singers/songwriters in the German-speaking countries, a great guitarist and a real poet. I had the honour of directing some of his videos. This one was filmed in Lisbon, of course we hit the hotspots of this marvellous city - so they form the adequate background for this wonderful song...

In this interview Peter tells us a lot about him, his life and his music. It was filmed at "Miradouro do Graca", one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the numberous hills of Lisbon...

This is "Vater Staat" a bitter satyre on the way the state and it representatives act.  It was also filmed in Lisbon, mainly at "Parque das Nacoes", the former EXPO-Site on the River Tagus in the north-east of the city. This location truly fitted to the message of the song!

A documentary recording during a concert will also find its audience in the web and on youtube. This is a song from Ute Schönherr's triumphant perfomance at the "Kieler Schloß". 

Already a youtube classic: Ute Schönherr's cheerful video, shot on a typical north-german rape filed in May... The song is from her album "BORN TO SING"